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About US


ADADI COLLECTION is targeted to those forward thinking individuals and the young at heart that stand in a whole new class of their own. Not limited by style but open to whatever is in full bloom.  Discovered with the intent to engineer diversity in selecting the proper heel to make the grand statement with little hesitation.


M ore than just fashion but an attempt to unleash the character and place the subject at center stage. Instead of just prepping for the moment, we aim for the encore!ADADI is birth from the likes of two sisters that unconsciously internalizes the need to express their style unapologetically with boldness but under proper care. The characteristics that they portray are opposite from one another. In a joint effort, the level of chemistry that they share seems to meet in unison to deliver class, power and sexiness.

For more information regarding the distribution of ADADI COLLECTION, please send an email to sales@adadicollection.com.  Don’t forget to register and sign up to receive updates, upcoming promotional events and information on ADADI COLLECTION.